Isles British International University

The Isles British International University is an academic university , interested specifically in the pioneer academic scientific research works, and assisting other academic institutions around the world on developing excellence and, and award recognition and accreditation on others’ hard work effort which contribution to human and academic knowledge 

Receives authorization and accreditation from the British Government by virtue of its license number 10048783 with full recognition from The British Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) in USA and other several international accreditation organizations

Certification process

It is enough to know and be proud that the accreditation of the academic euasc is awarded by the
isles British international university’s euasc committee, acting as a self governed community of scholars,
appointed as the certification body on euasc processes related to academic tuition/learning worldwide,
aiming to assist tuition institutions elsewhere of the eu area, aimed to achieve and maintain analogue
quality tuition standards, based on the university’s faculty and staff internationally recognized experience.


Receive all educational programs carried out bye the isles british international university and all certificates
it issue without any exception , the highest level of international accreditation and approvals for certificates
issued from the united kingdom represented in the international accreditation and full approvals from
the following:

• Authentication of the legal documentation office in the government of the united kingdom-notary
• Authentication of the international accreditation department of the ministry of foreign affairs.
• Authentication of the student’s country embassy in London
• Authentication of the international accreditation organization (IAO) –USA

To be sure of  the license of Isles British International  university legality upon the UK Governmental , please visit the following link ( UK governments Website) company/10048783