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The Isles British International Universite is an academic university , interested specifically in the pioneer academic scientific research works, and assisting other academic institutions (universities ) around the world on developing excellence and, and award recognition and accreditation on others’ hard work effort which contribution to human and academic knowledge Receives authorization and accreditation from the British Government by virtue of its license number 11044098 with full recognition from The British Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) in USA and other sevefral international accreditation organizations to enhance accomplishment on its higher international academic standards and levels in the f... Read More

IBIU Philosophy

It is enough to know and be proud that the accreditation of the academic EUASC is awarded by the Isles British International Universite’s EUASC Committee, acting as a self governed community of scholars, appointed as the certification body on EUASC processes related to academic tuition/learning worldwide, aiming to assist tuition institutions elsewhere of the EU area, aimed to achieve and maintain analogue quality tuition standards to those provided within the EU, based on the University's faculty and staff internationally recognized experience The Université’s personality consists of a synthesis of its British university tradition, the company’s international relations framework, and the very strong academic and scientific structure formed by this community of internationally reco... Read More

President's word

The is a comprehensive directory for the Isles British International Univeristy /working diligently and elegantly to spread out the learning and knowledge to all students all over the World indifferently, impartially and proficiency without looking backward to the considerations of the place, race, gender and independently. It’s objective is the student first and the high university objectives to graduate students to be a constructive and effective element in their local community and they have a human value all over the external level of the World. The University also aims to provide the academic specialties needed by the students in his country after the graduation and provide all the university degrees according to the most developed and updated university teaching methods st... Read More

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The Isles British International Universite is Accredited by British Government by virtue of the license number 10421446 with full recognition from The British Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and recognition of ministry of higher education and research in tchad government

What Student’s Say


What is the Academic International E-Learning Distance Program through Isles British International University?

Isles British International University presents its Academic International  E- Learning Program to the students whom their conditions do not allow  them to enroll in the regular academic study in full, whereas  it presents it’s programs through a class room lectures or On Line lectures available on the university website , this enables the student to look at it and there are lectures and e-curriculum  on the university web porter  and provides  an academic supervisor for the high studies you can correspond with him to get the  suitable  explanations and clarifications ,and he will be subject  to set for the examination in the determined dates electronically conducted  in the student’s  country and in the language studied by the student ,as well as in  a specific conditions, the attendance examination can be replaced with the Assignment Examination as it is worked with it all over the world which depends on preparing the researches for each required subject in lieu of the electronic  examination . After evaluating those universities and the academic level of the student in condition that the average of the student has to be "good", and such universities should be officially licensed in its country, and implementing the required level of the academic quality standards concerning the number of the materials and the accredited hours for each degree. 

What are the advantages of obtaining the university degree from Isles British International University?

When you registered in Isles British International University- you became qualified to obtain the necessary lectures and select the required courses. The university is bind to provide the administrative services to its students electronically through the university web page portal available for the students and connected with the University Main Office. This university portal  receives the electronic  inquiries of the students  and answered directly either it was an administrative  or academic in cooperation with the student’s supervisor  or through the visit made by the students to these offices.

Isles British International University Graduates have the privilege  of  joining the membership of several International academic Bodies, universities and institutes  which provide scientific power to the graduates of this International University, and the most important of them is obtaining the membership of the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)  , the British  Quality Assurance Commission (QAC)  as a state accreditation commission  as well as the membership of The Oxford Association of Management  & The Cambridge Association of Managers which licensed in UK, with possibility of endorsing your certificate from the British Notary Public and British Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the student’s country embassy in London

How can you register in the University Programs?

You can enroll through:

The Classical Method : To visit one of the  Isles British International University Program authorized  registration offices in the student’s country  and fill the registration form given to the student or the electronic form exists on the university website and presents the necessary documentations according to the type of the degree and signing the student's contract which preserves the  student's study rights in the university.
For the Bachelor Degree, the students submits his general secondary certificate  or equivalent , personal photo, a copy of  the passport, but for the Higher Studies, the student submits the  previous university  degree documentations that  he obtained regardless of the graduation year and the country of the certificate. 

Electronic Method:  Open the electronically registration application form exists on the university English website  : http://www.ibiuonline.com  and fill it according to the data available on it and send the required documentation attached to the  application through the internet, this just to save the  money and time for the student. The registration and admission employee receives the requests and answering them.

What are the degrees awarded by Isles British International University ?

The university awards the certificates in the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees. These certificates are internationally recognized  because the university  has several recognition and memberships , universities, and institutes which provide scientific power to the graduates of this international university  such as  the British  Quality Accreditation Corporation (QAC) , The Oxford Association of Management  & The Cambridge Association of Managers which licensed in UK,  and full membership and accreditation from the International Accreditation Organization (IAO)  and  it’s governmental endorsement in Britain which  enable the member to continue study at more than (200) British or European or American universities,. The student must be aware that when he obtain a certificate awarded by   Isles British International University will be equal to the similar certificates issued by any other university in the World from the Scientific, academic and legal point of view concerning number of years and the university academic duration and number of years beside that the e-learning started to be accredited by most of the state and the deep rooted universities, some of them in the Arab world

Can the students from all nationalities and countries register in the Isles British International University ?

Yes, all students hold their qualifications from any country in the World, and these qualifications must be recognized in their countries, they can register in Isles British International University (International Academic E- Learning Program) without any discrimination to the graduate from any country

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